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The Case for e-Learning

Staff training, communication and motivation are key to a businesses success. The introduction of any new process or technology can be expected to go through several, well-established, stages, illustrated below.

  1. Adoption New technology is introduced
  2. Adaptation Performance is lowered for a short time as users adapt to new technology
  3. Performance Performance reaches the desired level as users make use of the technology

Continuous training and development always at hand
Making training and knowledge an on-demand facility that can be requested and instantly delivered or recognised and deployed immediately has enormous cost efficiency benefits. Where traditional mentoring and one-to-one tuition would be required the IACTOnLine allows for instantaneous mentoring and course delivery to any desk at any time.

The following graph illustrates the benefits of on-demand desktop training:

  1. Users who require training to advance their skill level but don’t receive it fail to advance and become frustrated and unhappy in their work.
  2. Users who, after a period of delay, attain a reasonable level of proficiency through mentored training.
  3. Users who, with the benefit of eLearning and instant on-demand training, adapt rapidly to the situation at hand and attain a high level of proficiency in a short time.

Custom developed eLearning content will reduce, if not entirely eliminate the performance drop at (point 2) above and reduce dramatically the time taken to get to the Performance phase (point 3 above).

Components of e-Learning
There are four key components required for high quality e-Learning:

  1. Authenticity (workplace realism)
  2. Interaction (active learning)
  3. Collaboration (electronic discussion)
  4. Multimedia (mix of media)

The application of these components to specific e-Learning projects varies because each client’s needs are unique.

IACT’s Training Methodologies, developed over 18 years of practical experience in the classroom. IACT’s customised courses focus on learner objectives in order to engage and empower each user. By providing a more engaging experience the learner will develop faster and more effectively.

IACT excel at developing the appropriate learning paths in order to provide a complete training solution that will meet our client’s objectives with clear certification goals.