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Getting started with iPad Publishing

QuarkXpress 9.1 boasts powerful new Publishing features for the iPad. Check out the examples below to see how to get started. IACT run courses on QuarkXpress and if you are an existing user it doesn’t take a lot to get started. In order to get started and see your content on the iPad, you really only need two things.


QuarkXPress 9.1 (Full version or Test Drive)


The Quark App Studio Issue Previewer app, which you can download from the iTunes Store for free (and an iPad of course!)

Once you have both of these, the next step is to create some content that you can view on your iPad. Seeing examples are a great way to learn, so we’ve made some QuarkXPress sample files available for you to download.
» Download Samples

An ‘issue’ file, which you export in AVE format, contains the content and interactivity for your iPad app. Either using the samples above or your own QuarkXPress content, here’s how you export an AVE (.zave) file and push it to your iPad:


Open one of the sample documents in QuarkXPress 9.1


Choose File > Export > Layout as AVE. The Export AVE for iPad dialog box displays. (make sure the AVE-MAG format is selected).


Click Save


Launch the Quark App Studio Issue Previewer app on your iPad


Tap the button at the top left of the screen and set Enable Transfers to ON. The app displays a URL


On the computer where the .zave file is, launch a Web browser and enter the URL displayed in the app. An upload page displays.


Enter a name for the issue in the Title field.


Click the File field, navigate to the .zave file, and click Open.


To specify a collection, author, or publisher for the issue, click the appropriate button.


Click Send. The issue is uploaded to the Issue Preview app’s bookshelf.


To view the issue, tap it once, then tap Read

Here are some resources to get you started creating your own interactive content (issues) for the iPad:

» eSeminar Recording: Designing Publications for iPad

Quark App Studio Issue Previewer Tips and Tricks
There are two additional ways of getting AVE (.zave) files from QuarkXPress onto the Issue Previewer app your iPad that you’ll definitely want to know about.

Using the “Preview In” option
You may have noticed the “Preview In” option on the Export AVE for iPad dialog. Using this option, QuarkXPress can send your exported AVE (.zave) file directly to your iPad over your WIFI network. You will need to type the IP address and port of your iPad into the “Preview In” box on the Export AVE for iPad dialog for this to work. Here’s how you retrieve your IP address:


Launch the Quark App Studio Issue Previewer on your iPad


Tap the button at the top left of the screen and make sure Enable Transfers is set to ON. Note down your iPad IP address and port.


Type this into the “Preview In” box


Click Save. As well as saving a copy of the AVE file to your disk, QuarkXPress will also push the file directly to the App Studio Issue Previewer app on your iPad.

‘Side-loading’ content
Another great trick is downloading an AVE (.zave) directly into the App Studio Issue Preview app on yours or someone else’s iPad directly from a web link. Here’s how it works:

1. Upload your AVE (.zave) file to a Web server e.g. Dropbox.
2. Replace the http:// portion of the URL with mykiosk://

As an example http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23249930/my_issue.zave would become mykiosk://dl.dropbox.com/u/23249930/my_issue.zave

While using their iPad, when someone clicks on this link in any email or on a Web site, it will automatically download the AVE file and open it up in the Issue Previewer app.