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QR Codes

You might not be familiar with QR codes – but you’ve certainly seen them. QR codes or matrix bar-codes are often attached to posters and letters as a way of encoding a website address, telephone number or text message – just like the image here on the right. QR codes are like traditional barcodes but can encode much more information – and they’ve become popular because of readers that are freely available on most smart phones.

If you are developing marketing materials it makes sense to include a QR code at some point on the materials to help your customers visit you online or go to a specific page just for them. Customised QR codes will allow a unique URL to be created for a specific customer allowing a more personal online experience.

There are plenty of Apps for your phone that will let you point your phone at the QR code and then view the message or website that is pointed to. Checkout some of the free online apps and tryout the QR code creator here to see how it works.

There are plenty of online sites that will help you generate your own QR code – visit Kaywa for a good example – but most phone Apps also allow you to generate them and e-mail.

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