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eLearning Solutions that lead to real savings

Save money by deploying your training using our eLearning and iLive learning technologies. Do you need to deliver training to a wide audience quickly? Our eLearning courses are designed around our classroom training. Our eLearning can run across any network and be delivered quickly and easily.

Prepare staff for IT changes

Before making a major change or rolling out a new internal IT system – talk to us about developing a short bespoke eLearning training course. This will help prepare staff for any pending changes and make sure they are up to speed quickly once it arrives. Short, snappy and timely eLearning content can make the rollout of IT systems much smoother and more effective – meaning less IT support calls and more productivity across the workforce.

Flexible training a times to suit your business

Our eLearning programmes are based around the same high quality training you expect from our classroom courses – but they can be delivered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our iDTP Master certification and iWebmaster Certification programmes will allow you staff to improve their skills on demand – quickly learning new topics and easily able to review skills whenever they need to. Ensuring training takes place still requires management – but making training easily available and flexible makes it more likely to be accessed and effective when it is needed the most.

Cut your training budget

Business budgets are under pressure – but our eLearning programmes make it quicker and cheaper to deliver the training when and where it is required in your organisation. Software Paths provide cost effective eLearning resources for the most popular business and IT systems software available. Our low cost licence fees means it costs only fraction of the costs associated with traditional classroom courses to rollout training to an entire organisation. Our eLearning solutions work quickly and cheaply for your business.

We can run live online seminars to your staff remotely using iLive learning – a state of the art IT Training and Webinar tool that requires no installation.

Talk to us about our technology training solutions that incorporate

Call us on (01) 4347630 or e-mail elearning@softwarepaths.com to discuss our eLearning training or other training options for you and your organisation.