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Windows Phone 7.5, Kinect and Voice Control

With the recent update to Windows Phone adding many new features one of my favorite is the voice interaction and I have to say it is impressive and getting better.

I have been using the update for a while as being a Window Phone developer got me early access to the Beta. I was quite surprised when I received my first text after installing the update and my phone asked if I would like it read. Being a gadget lover I couldn’t resist and the text to voice is very accurate. I was surprised when at the end I was asked if I wanted to reply, again using voice, so I did. I have had mixed results with this but I think it is getting better (or my diction is improving) and often I can receive and reply without having to touch the phone. The voice interaction is everywhere the following is an example of voice search:

The next version of the Xbox dashboard will have greater voice control allowing for navigation and selection of items on the dashboard all using voice only. The Kinect is also having a release for Windows PCs next year so we are beginning to realize the Sci-Fi fantasy of not needing a keyboard. The best thing of all, there is an SDK.