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Develop marketing materials for your business

Increasing the ability to your business to market and sell itself online and offline will help your bottom line. Chances are you have many of the tools you need to market your business already – especially if you are working with Microsoft and Adobe products. Microsoft’s latest releases of Office (since 2007) exposed a new tab bar that showed many of the commands that had been hidden to many users at that time.

We can work with your business to help build the skills you need to promote and market efficiently using the technology you already own.

Direct marketing

Direct marketing is still by far the most cost effective route to gathering customers. Well-designed marketing pieces targeted at the right person at the right time yields impressive results.

Quite often professional templates can be built that only need to be updated with the latest offers that anyone with only basic skills can update. Word and Excel are two of the most powerful IT tools to create direct marketing materials.

Building a client database

It is much easier to sell to an existing customer than to try and find a new one. With that in mind a good customer database is crucial for all marketing activity. Keeping track of an individual’s address, phone and mobile number, e-mail address and other pertinent details makes your businesses data worth money and work harder.

The simplest database can be built using Microsoft Excel (pretty much any flavour) and once created it is easy to filter clients based on their location, previous interests or other criteria. Ideally though you will start to build you database using professional database tools such as Microsoft Access and SQL Server that will allow for much easier data manipulation, filtering and sharing.

Let’s consider a hypothetical pet grooming company that keeps a customer database of its clients and their pets. A basic database table might look a bit like this:

If we’ve a list of clients in this format we can target them with specific offers using just Microsoft Word and Excel (even if you have a version that 20 years old!) to filter the list – and we can make the letter or promotional item personalised. We could develop a letter like this:

All of the items in red can be inserted automatically (along with the custom photo) and the address labels all printed. Bruno would appreciate the letter even if the owner was a bit sceptical!

e-Mail Marketing

E-Mail is one of the trickier forms of direct marketing and can be sensitive to use. However the same database and tools available in Word mean that we could also send a personalised e-mail to John at his e-mail address – and e-mail is nearly free to use. E-mail marketing is also very fast to get a response and can provide a useful hit at the right time of the month.

Our webmaster courses as well as our direct marketing courses will help develop the skills needed to prepare professional e-mail marketing materials.

Designing professional marketing materials

Newsletters, business fliers and related materials are nearly all designed using Adobe products. Adobe InDesign, PhotoShop and Illustrator are the cornerstones of graphic design. If you want to learn to develop professional materials we offer a range of courses









Once you’ve mastered these tools you can take pretty much any existing design and reproduce it using these tools.. and you don’t need to be a creative genius to do it.

Tracking marketing success

50% of your marketing works.. but which 50%?

Embedding QR codes can be a good way of driving traffic from print media (letters, posters, fliers etc.) onto your website and tracking the success of particular campaigns (if you are new to these check our post here.)

Tracking the success of direct marketing campaigns means you’ll be able to get a higher response rate and more efficient campaigns. If you can double your return from a marketing exercise this can mean the difference between a successful campaign and a loss making campaign. A clean database and a well-designed campaign will dramatically help here.

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