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Develop professional databases in Access..

Access is one of the most powerful tools in the Microsoft Office suite but also one of the most underutilised. Many users familiar with Excel start to develop Access databases but get stuck just at the point when the system starts to become useful. Access is a very powerful relational database and to get to grips with it requires an understanding of how a database is designed and built – this is very hard to learn yourself.

Every minute spent designing the structure of a database saves many hours of updating and modifications later on. The key to successful database design lies in the structure of the database – how the fields, tables and queries work together.

IACT run courses from a beginner to an advanced level in Microsoft Access. Users first start to use Access when they become frustrated Excel users or when they complete the ECDL. Using Excel to track data is fine for small projects but becomes very cumbersome for larger projects – and reporting is a nightmare. Access also allows for multiple users on a network to simultaneously update and view the database.

Here is a sample screen shot
showing the type of database systems you will be able to develop after our completing our courses.

Who is this course for?
Our courses are designed for anyone wishing to learn how to build Access databases – whether this is one of your first databases and you want to learn how to structure tables and build forms or whether you are seasoned user and want to learn more about SQL and VBA programming. We can also provide you with help and consultancy on larger database projects.

“Everything was explained simply and clearly. The tutor was EXCELLENT knew the material inside out so could explain it really well.” – Jean Hogan

Plenty of opportunity to apply what was taught in class, i.e. practice!! Ample opportunity to ask niggly questions – tutor very patient with us and able to pinpoint errors at all times.” – Claudia Fuchsbauer

Next Steps
View our course outlines for Access courses or call us on (01) 4347600 to discuss your database requirements and how we can help you.