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One-to-one Personal Training

Exclusive Personal training at Software Paths

There’s no better way to learn more, or learn it faster, than with One To One

Personal Training sessions at Software Paths .

Software Paths trainers — experts on computers — can create a programme customised to your level of experience. You can choose individual sessions covering everything from getting started on a PC or Mac to working with photos or videos. Learn all about the photos, or explore any topic you like.

Personal training sessions are designed to move at your pace and provide the support and guidance you need, whether you’re new to a PC, or ready to master the latest professional software.

Windows, File Management and the Internet

Got a new laptop or PC? We’ll teach you how to use Windows and manage your files with the latest version of Windows – VISTA. We’ll also teach you how to surf the web and find what you are looking for.


iPod + iTunes

Learn how to import your CDs into iTunes and access the iTunes Store to buy music, movies, TV shows, and audiobooks and download free podcasts, then sync it all to your iPod.

Digital Photography

We’ll teach you everything from the basics of taking better pictures and sharing them on the web, to more advanced photo management tools in Adobe PhotoShop.


Open Project

Bring in your photos, movies, sketches, or just an idea for a project, and your Trainer will give you tips, tricks, and creative advice to help you get from start to finish.

Building your own Website

We’ll help you share all of your great movies and photos by teaching you how to create blogs and instant websites using Dreamweaver, FrontPage or raw XHTML.



Learn how to make movies like never before, from editing and sharing video right through to the high-performance features of Final Cut Pro.

Introduction to Excel

Looking to setup a spreadsheet model or just want to get started using Excel? Get started or get expert help from the leaders in Excel training.



We’ll show you how to use PowerPoint — including its new text effects, transitions, new themes, and built-in voiceover tool — to create stunning presentations.


We’ll help you tackle podcasting basics, like recording and adding sound effects, and pretty soon you’ll be telling your stories to the world.


Microsoft Office Productivity Tips

Looking to improve your skills in Microsoft Office? We can help you learn the new skills and tricks to get the most from the latest version of Office 2010.