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iDTP Master Certification

Professional DTP Skills

Desktop Publishing (or DTP) incorporates a huge variety of skills dating back from the first printing presses. Modern DTP requires a detailed knowledge of many related pieces of applications software as well as a thorough understanding of the print processes involved in the final printing of documents.

Learn to create letterheads, brochures, newsletters, business cards, cartons.. and much more.



This course on DTP reveals the tools needed to work in a modern DTP environment, provides the language of DTP and the skills needed to create a range of professional documents.

QuarkXPress is the most popular DTP application for the production of newsletters, magazines and books. Available on both PC and Macintosh this product is an essential tool for modern DTP.

Adobe’s PhotoShop & Illustrator are the standard for production and scanning of images for brochure and logo design. Adobes Acrobat is now the DTP standard for document dissemination. An understanding of Acrobat and other graphics formats (postscript, TIFF etc.) is crucial for the successful designer.

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