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More people use QuarkXPress for creative design and page layout than any other software in the world. QuarkXpress is the world’s most popular Desktop Publishing (or DTP) programme. QuarkXpress offers a tremendous amount of flexibility in creating and managing different types of documents. For users wishing to create their own in-house newsletter, design posters and develop camera ready copies for printing Quark is a very good DTP package which integrates well with other software packages like Adobe PhotoShop, Aldus Pagemaker and Corel DRAW!
IACT are Quark Gold Training Partners in recognition of our expertise in QuarkXpress and desktop publishing products.


This course shows users how to use Quark to its best effect in creating professional quality publications, exploiting the advanced features to their best effect. View the certification path


Suitable for both Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows

  • Learn to create newsletters, adverts and other common documents
  • Create templates for pages to improve productivity and consistency
  • Understand how to use colour to its best effect
  • Understand graphic file formats and print terminology
  • Learn how to trap colours and maximise the use of available colours … and much more

  • Free-form editing
  • Type style and fonts
  • Importing text
  • Creating a text frame
  • Defining a text path
  • Text styles
  • Bulletting and numbering text
  • Using Tabs and indents
  • Graphics formats
  • Importing graphics
  • Scanning images Working with graphic objects
  • Grouping graphics
  • Rotating, scaling, skewing and reflecting images
  • Wrapping text around graphics
  • Creating watermarks
  • Document templates
  • Multi-column documents
  • Linking text frames
  • Creating Tables
  • Borders, and shading
  • Lines, circles, boxes and curves
  • Document headers and footers
  • Using master pages
  • Creating Styles
  • Dealing with colour
  • Graduated fountain fills
  • Special effects with text
  • Colour separated printing
  • Stylistic features
  • Finishing the document
  • Trapping colours
  • Outputting in a device independent format.

This course teaches through a series of practical exercises how to create professional documents using this powerful DTP tool. Users take home work created during the class on disk and are able to use classes to explore new possibilities for design in their own businesses.


Print and design professionals using QuarkXpress for print production. Marketing and sales executives needing to use QuarkXpress to produce professional graphic materials using QuarkXpress.
2 Days / 6 Evenings

Course Testimonials

Course Testimonials

“We use quark on a daily basis and there are definitely things that I learnt today that will make my job a lot easier in the future i.e. libraries / pantone breakdown etc. ”

Kate Scott – Irish Independant


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