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iWebmaster Certification

Professional Skills for Webmasters
Producing web pages requires a wide range of skills – often incorporating the skills of a graphic designer and layout specialist with those of a programmer understanding XHTML and JavaScript and PHP. Demonstrating and proving those skills in the workforce requires a comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of technologies.

IACT have developed certification paths for Webmasters leading to an Advanced Diploma in Web Programming.

iWebmaster Level 1 – Diploma
This course aims to give new web designers the skills needed to produce professional web sites learning the skills to use the latest software (Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash) and understanding the XHTML language.

  • XHTML is the backbone of web design and as well as the basics this course covers Style sheets and how these can make web design more consistent, flexible and ease maintenance.
  • Adobe’s Dreamweaver is the professional’s choice for web design. This package incorporates advanced features (support for style sheets, roll-over buttons and embedded XHTML).
  • Adobe Flash facilitates advanced interactive features and vector animation on a web page.
  • Adobe PhotoShop or Fireworks provides a one-stop-shop for the development of bitmap web images and animations.

Click here to view the iWebmaster Level 1 course outline or contact us about your requirements.

Webmaster Level 2 – Advanced Diploma
This course explores a range of state of the art technologies and current best practices used in order to build and maintain database driven websites and facilitate e-Commerce. The course will teach you how to develop fully fledged, three tier, eCommerce enabledwebsites using Javascript, PHP and mySQL tools. The course will provide a solid overview of current web technologies to give you the skills to keep up with rapidly changing web technologies. The certification proves a solid grounding in the techniques used in implementing and supporting web server services. The syllabus includes:

  • Introduction to Web Servers and web server management tools
  • Introduction to programming with Javascript and PHP
  • Introduction to relational databases with MySQL
  • Relational database design SQL statement design
  • Client side web programming with Javascript
  • Server side web programming with PHP
  • Design and development of three tier data driven web sites
  • Understanding and implementing secure payment systems on your website
  • Implementing XML and RSS technologies on your website
  • Current topics in web technology

This course requires extensive project work and research on behalf of each student and as well as examinations for each core section. On completion attendees will be competent in building secure and robust e-commerce solutions and extending or designing scalable data driven web sites using a wide range of different technologies.

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