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CCNA – Cisco Certified Network Associate


Cisco’s CCNA certification is widely recognized as the entry level certification for Cisco technology networking skills. The CCNA certification validates an individual’s networking skills at the foundation level. Candidates who pass the CCNA exam receive a CCNA certificate from Cisco and may display the CCNA designation on their business cards.CCNA forms the associate level of the Cisco Career Certifications program. It is the certification that supports all of the career tracks within Cisco Certifications.CCNA Certified professionals can install, configure and operate LAN, WAN and dial-up access services for small networks (100 nodes or fewer), included, but not limited to use of these protocols: IP, IGRP, IPX, Serial, AppleTalk, Frame Relay, IP RIP, VLANs, RIP,Ethernet, Access Lists.

  • Understand networking toplogy and Cisco networking technology
  • Configure and manage Cisco routers, hubs and switches
  • Learn to configure Virtual Private Networks and gateways
  • Learn to configure devices remotely and interconnect networks
  • Learn about switching technologies
  • Understand how IP routing works
  • Work with CISCO tools and simulators
  • Gain the internationally recognised Cisco CCNA qualification

… and much more

  • Internetworking: The Cisco hierarchical model, Core, Distribution, Access, OSI reference model, OSI review, Application, Presentation, Session, Transport, Network, Datalink, Physical, Assembling and cabling Cisco devices, Cabling the LAN and WAN, Console connections, Selecting Cisco products, Cisco hubs, routers & switches.
  • Common LAN Technologies: Ethernetand IEEE 802.3, CSMA.CD/Broadcasts,Switching Vs Routing in Network Design,Bandwidth domains/Broadcast radiation,Network congestion/segmentation,100BaseT fast ethernet, Ethernet design rules and topologies.
  • Switching Technologies: Layer 2switching, Address learning, Forward/filter decision, Half and full duplex ethernet, Bridging compared to LAN switching, LAN switch types, Spanning Tree.
  • Configuring a Cisco IOS Device:Operation of Cisco IOS, Startup of a Cisco Router, Software Exec, Keyboard help,Router identification, Setting, Setting banners, Saving configurations, Router interfaces,Descriptions, Verifying your configuration.
  • Internet Protocol: DOD stack, IP addressing, Subnetting.
  • Interconnection Catalyst Switches:Cisco Catalyst 1900 switch, Configuring the catalyst 1900 switch.
  • Virtual LANs: VLAN concepts, ISP, VTP,VLAN configuration, Guidelines, Configuration steps.
  • IP Routing: Basic IP routing, Static routing, Default routing, Dynamic routing,RIP, IGR.
  • Managing a Cisco Network: Managing IOS and configuration images, Router boot sequence, Backing up the Cisco IOS,Restoring the Cisco IOS, Backing up the Cisco configuration, Restoring the Cisco configuration, Cisco discovery protocol,Telnet, Pin.
  • Access Lists: IP, Standard, Wildcards, Extended, Controlling VTY access, Named Access-lists, Access-list configuration,Verifying and monitoring access lists, IPX,Standard, Extended, SAP filters, Review questions.

To prepare for the Cisco exam 640-802 and achieve Cisco Certified Network Associate status CCNA.

Users new to networking familiar with IT systems. Content of our PC Trouble-shooting or equivalent course is assumed.
6 Days or 12 evenings

Course Testimonials

Course Testimonials

“The course has really helped me get a better understanding of how networks work, I would highly recommend the course to anyone involved in networking.”

Paul Redfurn – IBI Group


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