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BIZTALK SERVER – Developing Solutions


Microsoft BizTalk Server helps customers efficiently and effectively integrate systems, employees, and trading partners faster than ever before.

In today’s global economy, companies need to integrate applications, systems, and technologies from a variety of sources. To make this easier, Microsoft delivers best-of-breed integration technology through Microsoft BizTalk Server.

This course is designed provide an overview of the skills required to build messaging and orchestration solutions using Visual Studio and BizTalk Server and incorporate Business Rules and Web Services

Build messaging and orchestration solutions using Visual Studio and BizTalk Server.

Challenges of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)-Simple Client Server model – Distributed Business Systems – Business Process Integration within the organisation – Trading Partner Integration – B2B Scenarios – Role of BizTalk in providing solutions in these environments. The different versions of BizTalk.
Working with BizTalk Server – Overview of Constituent Parts

Creating a New BizTalk Project – BizTalk Server Tools – BizTalk Server Services.

BizTalk Editor
Processing Flat-file, Delimited, Positional and XML documents using BizTalk – BizTalk Schemas – Schema Properties – Creating a Flat File Schema – Validating Schemas – Generating Instance Messages – Strong Naming the Assemblies – Building the Schema Project.

BizTalk Mapper
Creating a Schema Map using BizTalk Mapper – Validating and Testing the Map – Adding Functoids to a Map – Building the Schema Map Project – Creating your own Functoids.

Biztalk Messaging
Introduction to Messaging – Creating Receive and Send Pipelines – Creating Receive Port and a Receive Location (using File, Message Queue and http) – Creating Send Ports and Defining Message Filters – Testing the Configuration – BizTalk Host and Group Security.

Deploying a BizTalk Solution
Using BizTalk Deployment Tools – Create a Deployment Project – Install the Deployment Package.

Health and Activity Tracking
Configuring Health and Activity Tracking – Best Practices – Tracking Messages Using Health and Activity Tracking (HAT) – Debugging Orchestrations using Health and Activity Tracking.

BizTalk Orchestration
Introduction to BizTalk Orchestration – Creating an Orchestration – Working with Orchestration Shapes – Adding Schemas and Maps to a Messaging Project – Building an Orchestration – Building and Deploying an Orchestration Project.

BizTalk Server Business Rule Engine
Introduction to Business Rules – Defining Business Rules – Calling Business Rules from an Orchestration.

Web Services and BizTalk Server
Consuming a Web Service – Publishing Web Services – Orchestration Properties – Publishing an Orchestration – BizTalk Web Services Publishing Wizard.

Knowledge of development techniques, some experience in developing applications and some knowledge of XML /XSLT.
Course participants are provided with a manual containing fully worked examples and explanations of the techniques covered in this course.
This 3-day course teaches programmers the skills required to deliver solutions using Microsoft Biztalk Server and Visual Studio within the area of Application-to-Application integration both inside and outside the organisation.

3 Days


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“The trainer’s knowledge of the subject matter was impeccable and this, matched with the very relevant course materials, ensured the course was a big success. We would certainly use Software Paths again for training in the future.”



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