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C++ Object Oriented Programming


The aim of this course is to teach the principles underlying Object Oriented Programming through C++. Object Oriented programs are easier to understand and maintain than their traditional counterparts. This style of programming is the key to reusable software and can greatly reduce the costs of developing and adapting software to meet new requirements. This course is aimed principally at C programmers needing to come to grips with the C++ programming methodologies in order to develop software for GUIs and for Open Systems Development. View the certification path

  • Develop Objected Oriented programs in C++
  • Master key concepts of operator overloading, inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation
  • Understand object oriented methodology applied to Windows MFC development.

… and much more

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Object Oriented Programs
  • Benefits of Object Oriented Methods
  • Review of C programming
  • Introduction to C++ C++ and Object Oriented Programming
  • The Structure of a C++ program
  • Classes in C++
  • Derived Classes
  • Operator overloading
  • Advanced C++ functions
  • Dynamic Storage Allocation
  • C++ Libraries
  • I/O Libraries
  • Template Classes
  • Exception Handling
  • Object Oriented Design
  • Traditional Design methodologies
  • Developing Object Oriented designs
  • Inheritance vs. encapsulation
  • The Object Oriented Landscape
  • Object Oriented Alternatives in C++
  • The future of Object Oriented Programming
  • Introduction to MFCs and C++ programming
  • Application frameworks

To teach good Object Oriented C++ programming style, how to make use of C++’s classes for encapsulation, how to convert existing C programs into C++ Object Oriented Routines. During the course you will learn how to build Software Libraries, use Constructors and Destructors to manage Storage and use C++ Programming environments and tools. We will use the C++ programming language to build simple Windows based applications illustrating the principles underlying object oriented programming.

Programmers, analysts and technical managers who are responsible for development and/or maintenance of applications and systems programs in C++.
4 Days / 12 Evenings

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