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C Programming


The aims of this course are to introduce newcomers to programming the C language. The course covers all of the fundamental aspects of the C programming language. The emphasis is a hands on practical approach with plenty of examples and user interaction.

By the end of the course participants will be able to create and compile portable C programs to perform a wide variety of programming problems and become familiar with most aspects of the C programming language.

The course takes a hands-on practical approach to the development of programming skills which will enable the trainee to build useful applications by the end of the course.View the certification path

  • Create programs using the C programming language
  • Work with boolean operators
  • Understand pointers, arrays and structures
  • Create and edit make files
  • Handle command line arguments in C

… and much more

  • Characteristics of C and UNIX
  • C Language Syntax
  • Declaring variables
  • Built in variable types
  • Constants
  • Compiling and linking a file
  • Header files
  • Program project or make files
  • Boolean operators
  • Truth tables AND, OR and NOT operators
  • Type modifiers
  • Standard I/O Library
  • scanf, printf, getchar
  • Storage classes
  • Casting
  • Conditional expressions
  • IF and SWITCH statements
  • Loops Parts of a of loop
  • FOR and WHILE statements
  • Functions
  • Recursive functions
  • Parameter passing
  • Return valuesVOID functions
  • External functions
  • The Switch statement
  • Break and continue
  • Single dimensional arrays
  • Introduction to Pointers
  • Pointers as function parameters
  • Arrays vs. Pointers

To learn how to understand, modify and develop ANSI C programs in an efficient and re-usable way. To make full use of C’s powerful structured programming features and to be able to write complex data-structure definitions. To be able to develop programs using standard library functions and to be able to use the software tools necessary for C development.

New programmers who would like to get up to speed quickly in this powerful and versatile language.
3 Days / 8 Evenings

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