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Perl Programming


Course Overview

Perl is a powerful object oriented programming language used extensively on UNIX, Windows and Internet Platforms.

This course runs for 3 full days 9.30am – 5.00pm. The objectives of this practical hands-on course are to teach attendees how to write scripts using Perl. Through intensive hands-on exercises attendees will learn to integrate Perl scripts into the operating system and application environments.

  • Understand Perl code and syntax
  • Write quick Perl scripts to parse text files
  • Work with some of Perl’s powerful libraries
  • Develop dynamic web content with Perl

Material will be presented to cover the following topics and time allowing look at your specific Perl applications. You are encouraged to work on your own Perl projects during the course and expected to attempt projects and exercises provided by the tutor.

  • Introduction to PERL
  • Perl Strengths
  • Perl’s relationship to UNIX
  • Reusable tool building for system admin and the internet
  • Popular application areas
  • Perl Syntax and semantics
  • Running Perl programs
  • Variable types and contexts
  • Managing files and user input
  • Pattern matching and Operators
  • Perl regular expressions
  • Perl’s operator groups
  • Looping, decisions and flow control
  • Conventional flow control constructs
  • Perl-specific constructs
  • Subroutines, modules and functions
  • Creating modules
  • Perl’s built-in function sets
  • String functions
  • Working with the OS
  • Manipulating file system entries
  • Object orientation and Perl
  • Creating and defining classes
  • Class constructors
  • Calling methods
  • Packages
  • Tied variabled and automatically invoked methods
  • Interprocess communication
  • Connecting processing with named pipes
  • Deploying the open API pipe extensions
  • Programming sockets
  • Working with client/server applications in Perl
  • Databases and the Internet
  • Internet Forms
  • Reading and writing databases
  • CGI enabling dynamic web content
  • Calling Perl from CGI scripts

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Quickly create effective reusable Perl scripts
  • Master Perl’s operators
  • Structure code with subroutines, functions and packages
  • Work with Perl’s sockets and the database capabilities to create client/server scripts
  • Create administration scripts for Windows and Unix environments
  • Work with Perl in conjunction with CGI scripts to create dynamic web content

Existing programmers new to the Perl programming language.

3 Days


Course Testimonials

“I found this course to be very good. The instructor was very knowledgable and professional and had a very good teaching manner. She was also patient and supportive.”


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