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VBA Development


VBA opens a Pandoras box of delights for advanced users and programmers of applications like Word and Excel supporting the VBA model. This course has been designed to give an all-round understanding of development in the VBA environment, providing the foundation needed to develop interactive programs exploiting the enorMOS time and money saving potential offered by VBA.

The course discusses the technologies used within the office suite for communicating between the applications, as well as the fundamentals of the VBA language. Integration of the office suite is then considered in some depth, giving insight into how VBA automation can save hundreds of hours at the click of a button.

A rich set of topics, case studies and applications will help broaden attendees knowledge opening the real potential of Visual BASIC for automating tasks. View the certification path

  • Automate applications using VBA
  • Transfer data between applications
  • Learn to interface with Access databases
  • Create reliable applications with error handling
  • Use Outlook to send mail with data automatically

… and much more

  • The Office Object Model
  • Automation with Visual BASIC for Applications
  • The different flavours of VBA
  • VBA Language syntax
  • Event driven programming
  • Programming with Word, Excel Powerpoint and Access
  • Forms, Modules and dialog sheets
  • Excel object model
  • Working with components in Windows
  • Objects, methods and properties
  • Getting input from the user
  • Retrieving data from Access using ADO
  • Embedded objects within applications
  • Referencing and using the office object model
  • Automating word
  • Templates and protection
  • Error handling
  • Code location & distribution
  • Pushing and pulling data between applications
  • Embedding controls on a form
  • User interface guidelines
  • Form and dialog box design
  • Using ODBC and Access to save and retrieve data
  • Standalone applications
  • Moving data between applications
  • The future

To be able to record and edit Macros. To learn the basics of VBA object model. To be able to automate applications in the office suite using VBA and to exploit the advantages of the office VBA model. To be able to add mail-handling capabilities to an application. To streamline applications using workflow. To be able to develop co-operative applications between Word, Excel and Access.

Advanced applications users and programmers needing to learn VBA techniques for programming and automating Microsoft Office. Expert knowledge of the applications is assumed.
3 Days

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