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Visual Basic Advanced Diploma


This course was designed to provide a fast-track to programming skills for non-programmers. Building from the basics of program design and problem solving the course will develop skills to enable you to understand how to create and design robust applications developed in the Visual BASIC environment.

The course discusses database theory and the concepts behind the development of a relational database. Attendees will then advance onto algorithm development and learn important search and sort algorithms as well as programming techniques such as recursion and the use of classes and objects. Once suficient programming skills have been developed students will develop a 3-tier client-server database based around SQL Server and evolve the project using the .NET framework to build a robust web based application using IIS and ASP.Exam and Project Work

This is an intensive course requiring extensive project work and examinations. Attendees must have access to a PC to complete project work running Windows and Visual BASIC. Attendees should expect to spend at least one addtional day per week completing project assignments, preparing for exams and completing homework. View the certification path

  • From the beginning how to build a robust programming application
  • Work with the latest Visual BASIC technology
  • Be able to build database applications
  • Use SQL to query and update databases
  • Build 3-Tier client-server applications
  • Work with VB .NET to build web applications using IIS and ASP

… and much more

  • Introduction to Programming and algorithmics
  • Visual BASIC Programming
  • Access Databases Level 1
  • Visual BASIC Progressor – delveloping algorithms
  • SQL and Database Design
  • Visual BASIC Database Development
  • Visual BASIC .NET development

Content drawn from full course outlines.

To provide a thorough understanding of the event driven programming model and to provide experience and practical skills in working with a wide range of common ActiveX controls in VB.

Attendees will be introduced to the building blocks of the Visual BASIC language and develop techniques for programming problems which will help with the management of more complex programming tasks. On course completing attendees will be comfortable developing a 3-tier client-server database and able to integrate it using IIS and ASP into a data-driven web site.This course will allow attendees to grasp the underlying principles behind most computer languages.

Non-programmers wishing to to learn how to develop fully functional database and web applications in Visual BASIC. Pre-course assessment required.
36 Evenings

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