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Visual Basic [Level 2]


This course provides existing advanced VB programmers with a detailed knowledge of Visual BASIC. The course focuses on trouble-shooting and building on the new features available in the VB environment – specifically Enterprise features for database manipulation. The emphasis of this course is on creating convincing, reliable applications for solving common programming tasks and in particular how to program database and client server systems using SQL Server, Oracle and the ODBC drivers. Learn how to create classes and enhance web pages using ActiveX controls, generate Dynamic HTML and understand and work with the different project types in Visual BASIC.

  • Create robust applications in Visual BASIC
  • Learn Visual BASIC control structures
  • Understand ODBC and the Remote Data Access Objects
  • Use DDE and OLE to communicate between windows applications
  • Trap errors and develop bullet proof applications

… and much more

  • Windows API function calls
  • Working with the registry
  • DAO vs. ADO vs. RDO
  • Enterprise features ODBC
  • Advanced connection strategies
  • Generating SQL queries
  • Pass-through queries
  • Stored procedures
  • Crystal Reports
  • Crystal Automation
  • Classes and Objects
  • Embedded classes
  • Sharing libraries
  • Accessing shared information
  • Creating ActiveX controls
  • User drawn controls
  • Embedded intrinsic controls
  • Web events, downloading properties
  • ActiveX DLLs, EXEs
  • Threads and the apartment model
  • Central error handling concept
  • Classes and Objects
  • ActiveX documents
  • Comparing web development strategies
  • Web classes
  • Error propogation
  • Event access
  • Creating DHTML documents
  • Introduction to ASPs
  • Application roll-out
  • Standalone, Web based Setup procedures

To understand and appreciate the different object models available to manipulate databases. To be able to create SQL queries from within Visual BASIC and use the different enterprise features of RDO and ADO to communicate with a remote server. To be able to create ActiveX controls and export their methods, functions and procedures.

To be able to create a class hierarchy in VB and understand the apartment threading model and data sharing impliciations.

Experienced Visual BASIC Programmers preferably familiar with VB5.0 or later. Also suitable for experience C++ developers with some VB experience.
3 Days / 8 Evenings

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