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Visual Basic [Progressor]


The aim of this course is to advance users past the early stages of program development introduced with our Visual BASIC Primer course. This course introduces data structures and the step-wise refinement approach to developing software solutions vital to progress to more advanced stages of program design.

Attendees will focus on problem solving to solve basic computingproblems as well as learning standard algorithms for sorting and searching data. The course requires one group project and one individual project to be completed by the end of the course and presented to the class. View the certification path

  • Develop and create user defined types
  • How to sort and search data and text files
  • Understand scope rules and VB project organisation
  • Work with multi-dimensional arrays
  • Work with recursive functions

… and much more

  • Review Objects, events, properties and methods
  • Variables and types
  • Variable declarations
  • Variable scope and lifetime
  • Embedded loops
  • Loop exiting techniques
  • User-defined types
  • Enumerated types
  • Functions and parameter passing mechanisms
  • Function scope
  • Global variables
  • Recursive functions
  • Sorting techniques
  • Sorting arrays of numbers and strings
  • Bubble sort, Insertion sort, QuickSort
  • Searching algorithms
  • Binary search
  • Text files
  • Modes of operation
  • Reading and writing records
  • Searching and processing text files
  • Text files and listboxes
  • Working with fixed format text files
  • Multi-dimensional arrays
  • Analysing Requirements
  • Working with menus
  • Pop-up menus and drop down menus
  • Individual Project & Group project

To be able to sort and search arrays and text files. To be able to create functions and procedures and understand the scope and parameter passing mechanisms used in VB and other programming languages. To be able to create user defined types and create fixed format text files. To understand the concept of a recursive function and be able to work with multi-dimensional arrays.

This course is aimed at new programmers having completed and passed the exam for the Visual BASIC Primer course (or equivalent).
3 Days / 8 Evenings

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