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Career Advice

SoftwarePaths offers a wide range of training and certification options to help meet your career objectives. Outlined below are some of the career paths available by attending our open scheduled courses – there are thousands of different paths to follow – but this small sample will give you some ideas. If you’d like to discuss your career options with us our career advisors will be delighted to help. Call us directly or e-mail us to arrange a free consultation.

PC maintenance and IT Support
Computers are full of technology – understanding and being able to repair that technology is a valuable skill. Every office using more than a couple of computers has a need for an in-house PC technician who’ll be able to help install new PCs, fix problems, troubleshoot networking and printing problems and manage different software applications.

SoftwarePaths’ PC Troubleshooting and Repair course training path and the Network+ and A+ training certification paths help prepare you for a career working with PCs. Learning about the hardware and its configuration is a natural pre-cursor to systems administration courses which help configure and maintain larger networks of Computers

Systems Administrator, Technology Training, IT Manager
Systems administrators are responsible for the setup, configuration and maintenance of business computer systems and network hardware. They are often responsible for designing and implementing the security on the network and setting up and configuring policies for PCs on the network. They’ll also often be responsible for working with suppliers of technology companies and ensuring the maintenance, backup, integration and support of these systems is properly maintained.

The MCITP qualification is aimed at preparing you for these skills on a Windows based network running windows Windows 2008 and related systems.

The CompTIA Linux+, Network+ and A+ courses also help prepare for a career as a systems administrator and related careers in IT development and support.