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My Company is upgrading to Office 2010

Migrating to Microsoft Office 2010 brings many benefits – but it needs carefully planning and training. IACT will work with you to upskill and cross train your team on the latest Office suite and we can help with the migration planning.

  • IACT run short seminars which can help upskill staff quickly on the differences between Office 2010 and earlier versions of the programme.
  • We provide a walk-around support service during migration to help answer questions staff may have during the migration phase
  • We provide eLearning resources to help upskill staff quickly on the new features of Office 2010 and advanced features of the products (such as the new Pivot tools Excel)
  • We provide open courses on Office 2010 and Microsoft Certification on Office 2010 to upskill your test groups or earlier adopters prior to full rollout.

Call us on (01) 434-7600 or email officemigration@iactonline.com to discuss your specific needs.

Useful migration guides for implementing the upgrades can be found here