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Improve productivity with Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a powerful business tool with an amazing set of features. If you work with Excel every day you could be saving hours of work by learning to automate and use Excel’s features to their full extent. Excel is a brilliant software package but most users only use a fraction of its full potential even though they use it every day.

We have a number of exciting and unique programmes that we have developed for Excel – including our Excel Dashboards programme and the iExcel Master programme that will help you develop state of the art professional spreadsheets incorporating automation with Macros and VBA and spreadsheet dashboards.

At courses run at the IACT during the last ten years we have saved companies (mainly in the banking and software industries) thousands of hours in productivity by helping them make the most of Excel and other applications. Whether your month end is approaching or your parent company is screaming for results you can’t afford to miss our courses.

  • Instructor led,
  • Blended E-Learning
  • CD Based or Intranet training
  • Roving on-site trainer available to help put training into action
  • Regular scheduled dates and private training available
  • Courses from €295

IACT have over 20 years experience working with and teaching Microsoft Excel. We have developed blended solutions especially for organisations that rely heavily on Excel. If your company use Excel everyday talk to IACT.

Check out our Excel Level 1, Excel Level 2, Excel Level 3 our Excel Dashboards course and our iExcel Master certification. Programmers may also be interested in our Excek VBA Programming courses or ask us about our customised training solutions.

We would be delighted to discuss your training options with you and provide a demonstration of our courses and our technologies.

For further information, please call 01-434-7600 or email excel@iactonline.com