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Bespoke and customised training

We develop much of our courseware to align to international certification standards – but we also develop customised bespoke courses for our clients. Bespoke courses are customised to include specific requirements of your business and to omit items from a course that are not as relevant.

We can design a flexible training programme around your businesses needs so that we speed up your adoption of new technologies and techniques within your organisation. We’ll work with you to ensure the correct frameworks and procedures are introduced and help you to structure reference materials.

Bespoke eLearning materials

Do you need to deliver training to a wide audience quickly? Our eLearning courses are designed around our classroom training. Our eLearning can run across any network and be delivered quickly and easily.

Prepare staff for IT changes

Before making a major change or rolling out a new internal IT system – talk to us about developing a short bespoke eLearning training course. This will help prepare staff for any pending changes and make sure they are up to speed quickly once it arrives. Short, snappy and timely eLearning content can make the rollout of IT systems much smoother and more effective – meaning less IT support calls and more productivity across the workforce.

For more information on how we can work with you and your company to train your team call us on (01) 434-7600 or email solutions@iactonline.com